Purpose of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

The foremost mission of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee revolves around its 3Rs and I mission. The 3Rs are: Rescue of Jews at risk, Relief for Jews in need and Renewal of Jewish community life. Rescue of Jews is conducted using the expertise of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee in crisis response. Together with the local agencies, JDC rescues those in need in the most effective manner and without delay. Relief is providing relief to improve the quality of life of the people in poor communities. Renewal efforts are aimed to renew the Jewish community lives in affected communities. "I" in the mission is Israel or partnership with the public organization so that together they can improve the lives of the numerous Jewish citizens in Israel. Although these are centered on Jewish communities, JDC also extends its arm to non-Jewish communities.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee also aims to establish strong and independent Jewish communities that are capable of sustaining and ensuring good Jewish life. Alongside this is its vision of creating an Israel that is capable of meeting all the material and social issues of its vulnerable communities and to have all the Jewish communities establish a strong connection with each other.

To achieve its objectives and mission, JDC has global programs that cover Africa, Asia, Europe, the former Soviet Union, Israel and Latin America. The programs in Latin America, Africa and Asia are mainly centered on providing the necessary resources, social services and support to the small Jewish populations in these countries in order to ensure strong Jewish future for the next Jewish generation in the said countries. In the former Soviet Union and Europe, the program is mainly on providing the basic human needs, such as food and medicine to the children and the elderly. In Israel, the program is a combination of crisis relief and providing the necessary services needed by the vulnerable populations.


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