American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), also commonly known as "The Joint" is an international relief organization operating in more than 70 countries across the globe. It offers help, support and relief to Jewish and non-Jewish communities that are in need of assistance. It also offers disaster relief and development assistance to affected people and communities.

JDC is a non-political humanitarian organization and the overseas branch of the North American Jewish community. Its headquarters is in New York although it operates across the globe. The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee has operated in 85 countries since it was established almost a century ago. Since it offers assistance and relief in affected countries, its presence in the different countries is temporary. Israel is the only country where it operates continuously since it was founded.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee's commitment is manly to rescue those in need of rescuing, provide relief to those in need of assistance, provide ways to renew the Jewish community life and to support Israel in the many challenges its communities are facing today. JDC has been awarded the Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement because of its contribution to the many communities in Israel. Although this commitment is generally for the Jewish communities across the globe, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee also offers them to non-Jewish communities and populations that are in need of them.

The works of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee is centered on providing relief to the children and elderly population of Jews in the former Soviet Union, providing assistance to Jewish children at risk in Europe and Israel, helping Jews in the former Soviet Union rebuild self-sustaining communities and in helping the Jewish communities across Europe to develop. Funds for these works come from the donations to the JDC. Most come from the United Jewish Communities and individual donors from the United States.


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